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Offset Smoker AH30040
  • Product Category: PRODUCT Smoker and Steam BBQ Grill
  • product description:Assembling size:120*68*122CM(Black Painting)
  • Offset Smoker AH30040

    Assembling size:120*68*122CM(Black Painting)
    Firebowl:73.5*45.5*22.5CM*1MM(Big one) //// 40*36*18CM*1mm(Small one)
    Lid 76*47*22cm*1mm (Big one)
    Cooking grill:44*22CM*4*3.2MM*3PCS //chrome plated  (big one)
    Cookinggrill:36*34cm*3.8*2.5mm//chrome plated  (small one)
    Charcoal rack:69*31cm*3.8*2.5mm// zinc plated (big one)
    Charcoal rack:37*24cm*3.8*2.5mm// zinc plated (small one)
    Warming rack:68*22cm*3.8*2.8mm// chrome plated
    Only include front table made of steel blank 70*22cm, not include side tabel
    Include temperature thermeter.

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